Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation has identified 4 focus areas for 2018, where we believe we can make the biggest impact to social good by delivering core technology services to complement what the current market offers.

1: Training and Events

We hope to provide NGOs and for-purpose organisations with useful blockchain skills and knowledge to maximise their impact through utilising this technology. Check our last event here.

2: Philanthropic Blockchain Consortium

This is a network of charities, NGOs and for-purpose organisations created to facilitate collaboration between them and unlock the value of blockchain technology. To enquire about joining this consortium, please email us.

3: Blockchain Research

We are currently conducting studies on and sharing the ways in which Blockchain can be applied to problems in the healthcare system. We will also be digging deeper into the area of humanitarian aid.

4: Blockchain Tools for Social Good

We are collaborating with charities to develop bespoke blockchain applications to aid their service delivery – the possibilities are only limited by our collective imaginations!
We are currently working with La Trobe University students on developing a digital currency donation platform for charities.


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