AN UPDATE: On Collaboration with RMIT University and more

Ever since our establishment in 2017, we have received numerous responses from organisations and individuals wanting to work with us and learn more about how blockchain can deliver social impact. We are thankful for everyone’s support and hope to hear more from those who are interested.

After some busy months, we have finally come at this stage to announce our collaboration with RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub. This is to pave the way for one of our current initiatives, ‘to build a blockchain consortium for charities, NGOs and for-purpose organisations who will unlock the value of blockchain technology’.

This year, we will be looking into areas such as cryptocurrency platforms and cryptoeconomics to enhance the experience of our platform users. We believe intensive research is critical for successfully delivering philanthropic blockchain applications, and that is why we highly appreciate the opportunity to work with RMIT and are still actively seeking research allies.

We will also pursue the opportunity to host a workshop or conference on economic infrastructure for charity organisations. Updates on these events will be posted in our blog, or, in our forthcoming periodical newsletters.

Blockchain technology has presented us with unprecedented opportunities in all aspects of our life. If rightly implemented in a charity context, the donation process will become transparent and accountable as it has never been.

If this is what you would like to see in your charity, please feel free to email at [email protected] for partnership information.

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