Why Blockchain in Philanthropy


Unsolved Global Issues

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Technical barriers

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1. Digital Currency smart giving platform

  • Enabling charities to tap into a new revenue stream
  • Empowering digital currency philanthropists to contribute to the causes that mean the most to them

In partnership with La Trobe University, our flagship donation platform will go live in October 2018.

2. Digital currency payment gateway

This plugin can be used in any existing donation platform or e-commerce system to enable the acceptance of digital currencies.

3. P2P wallet

A hardware wallet that enables digital currency transfers and payments in an offline mode, to sync back to Blockchain when online. This will remove internet infrastructure dependency for transactions, ideal for the 4 billion people in the world who still do not have stable access to the internet.

4. Philanthropic Blockchain consortium

A collaboration of charities, NGOs and for-purpose organisations who will unlock the value of Blockchain technology.

5. Social Impact Investment

Our impact investment initiative will offer innovative finance such as social impact bond that provide tracking, transparency, reporting and rewards/returns calculation.

6. Training and event

Enabling charities, NGOs and for-purpose organisations with the skills and knowledge to transform their operations and maximise their impact through Blockchain technology.

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